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News & Events

Latest News & Events (2014 – 2015):

1. Adopted 25 – 26 girls in the year 2015 from the Government College, Kalka. Out of these, fathers of 8 girls are daily wagers and 7 of them have single parents.

2. Started a pilot project in two schools from the year 2015

  • Government School, Sector -7, Panchkula
  • Government School, Sector – 20, Chandigarh

We have selected 30-35 students (majority of them are girls), who will be given special coaching with main emphasis on “Carrier Counseling”, “English Speaking ability” and “Personality Development”. This is to make sure that they can score 80% or above in their respective courses.

3. Annual Events –

  • Our annual function is scheduled on 3rd October 2015, where we will be offering Merit scholarships to the students, who have scored more than 85% in 10th and 12th class in CBSE and State Education Board.
  • Also, it has been decided that on every 1st Saturday of October, we will have annual function celebrations, unless there are any changes in the fixed schedule.